In response to client interest, we have created a suite of investment solutions to supplement the long-running, highly successful, and award-winning range of Jupiter Merlin Portfolios.

Same team

The Jupiter Merlin Select portfolios are managed by the Jupiter Independent Funds Team, the same highly experienced, award-winning team that have stewarded the Jupiter Merlin range since it began. Under the leadership of John Chatfeild-Roberts and David Lewis, these expert investors are completely focused on generating outperformance for their clients using a multi-manager approach, diligently researching the breadth of the fund universe in a relentless search for investment excellence.


An important factor in the team’s success has been their unparalleled access to the rest of the investment talent at Jupiter, benefiting from the expertise and exchange of ideas with other highly skilled individuals. The Jupiter Merlin Select portfolios bring this advantage to the fore, increasing the typical allocation to in-house managed Jupiter funds to help bring down the cost.

The Jupiter Independent Funds team (from left):
George Fox, Algy Smith-Maxwell, Venetia Campbell, David Lewis, Amanda Sillars John Chatfeild-Roberts and Alastair Irvine 

More choice

We know your clients have a diverse set of investment needs, including a variety of risk appetites. The introduction of the Jupiter Merlin Select portfolios broadens the coverage of the full range across a wider array of risk profiles, so you have more options to identify a suitable fit for your clients.

1 Source: Jupiter, estimated figures, effective from 31.07.2023.   I GBP Acc units 2 Expected ratings.

Keener price

Jupiter Merlin Select range targets OCF < 1%

As fund selectors themselves, the Jupiter Independent Funds Team know that cost is just one of many factors that goes into choosing an investment fund. Ultimately, the return clients receive net of all fees is paramount.


All else being equal, however, it is clear that lower fund charges are preferable, and to cater to our more cost-conscious clients the Jupiter Merlin Select range targets an OCF below 1%. The greater allocation to Jupiter funds helps drive these cost savings, while the breadth of the fund range and expertise of the talent in-house at Jupiter means no undue compromises need to be made on investment excellence.

Important Information

Market and exchange rate movements can cause the value of an investment to fall as well as rise, and you may get back less than originally invested. Funds with exposure to bonds: Bonds are very sensitive to interest rate changes and it is possible that bond issuers will not pay interest or return the capital promised. Bonds can also be ‘downgraded’ by ratings agencies. All of these events can reduce the value of bonds held by the Fund and therefore impact performance. Past performance is no guide to the future. Awards and ratings should not be taken as a recommendation.


The Key Investor Information Documents, Supplementary Information Document and Scheme Particulars are available from Jupiter on request. The Jupiter Merlin Conservative Select Fund and the Jupiter Merlin Moderate Select Fund can invest more than 35% of their value in securities issued or guaranteed by an EEA state. Where a fund’s expenses are charged to capital, this can reduce the potential for capital growth.