Portfolios to help meet your clients’ saving goals
In a world of ever-increasing choice and complexity, it can be hard for you to spot the best investment opportunities and avoid the biggest risks. A multi-manager portfolio makes your life easier by putting the task of researching, selecting and monitoring investments in the hands of experienced professionals.
Multi-manager portfolios – such as the Jupiter Merlin Portfolios – are one -stop investment solutions which invest in a variety of funds managed by some of the best and most experienced professional investors, all blended together by the team’s expertise.

What we offer

The Portfolios in the Jupiter Merlin range are designed to meet the needs of your clients with different appetites for taking risk in the search for investment rewards.

Expert investors at your service
Multi-manager portfolios take the hard work out of fund selection by researching, selecting and monitoring funds, then blending them together in a diversified portfolio, so that you can spend more time with your clients. Over time your client may have accumulated funds that no longer meet their investment goals or may simply be underperforming. Dedicated multi-manager portfolios can bring balance, focus and performance potential back to your client’s investments.
A simple, high quality way to invest
A multi-manager fund provides the opportunity to own a diversified portfolio of funds all within one straightforward investment wrapper.
Having a dedicated team of professionals monitoring the market for you means that they can adjust to changing market conditions. What is more, they can use their buying power and professional status to give your clients access to investments that may not be available to private investors.
Analysis that is about more than just numbers
Understanding the skills and motivations of the people managing funds is key to delivering sustainable long-term performance.
Jupiter’s Independent Funds team conducts thorough analysis of the investment environment, aiming to identify key turning points in the market, alongside rigorous analysis of funds. They recognise, however, that investment is a people business as much as a statistical one, and that the personalities of the fund managers in whose funds the Jupiter Merlin Portfolios invest will have a bearing on both performance and risk management.
To enable them to understand the people behind the numbers, the team conducts over 250 one-on-one meetings with fund managers each year. These meetings will typically discuss the manager’s interpretation of the economic environment and its impact on their fund, its asset class and related strategies as well as a deep-dive analysis of that manager’s investment philosophy, process and style. They will also talk about their work and even their home environment, where it could have a bearing on performance.

ESG & stewardship

The Jupiter Independent Funds team know that investing in shares and bonds comes with responsibilities. The team encourage the managers of funds in which they invest to exercise their duties as asset owners or financiers to best effect. This includes considering environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors and incorporating good stewardship principles when investing, engaging with companies and voting with a view to delivering the best outcome for all stakeholders.
A straightforward and tax-efficient choice
Investing in a multi-manager portfolio can dramatically reduce the amount of paperwork and time you spend on administration. Multi-manager portfolios can potentially be UK tax efficient too, as the trades made within the portfolio do not trigger a capital gains tax liability for your client. This is based on our understanding of current UK tax laws and may be subject to change. Please note that Jupiter is not permitted to provide tax advice.

Important Information

Market and exchange rate movements can cause the value of an investment to fall as well as rise, and you may get back less than originally invested.


The Jupiter Merlin Conservative Portfolio can invest more than 35% of its value in securities issued or guaranteed by an EEA state. Jupiter Merlin Income, Jupiter Merlin Balanced and Jupiter Merlin Conservative: all of these Portfolios’ expenses are charged to capital, which can reduce the potential for capital growth.


The NURS Key Investor Information Document, Supplementary Information Document and Scheme Particulars are available from the document library.

What we offer

Jupiter offers a choice of multi-manager funds, collectively known as the Jupiter Merlin Portfolios. Each portfolio is constructed differently so advisers can choose the one that best matches their client’s investment objectives and attitude to risk.