People and philosophy

We pride ourselves on a culture which puts clients first and allows talented fund managers the freedom and responsibility to pursue their own, clearly defined investment approach and philosophy.

Attracting and nurturing investment talent

Jupiter has a strong track record of nurturing home-grown investment expertise. We have several managers who began their career at the company as analysts or in other non-investment roles, who have gone on to become successful portfolio managers. Our reputation as a home for independent thinking also acts as a magnet, attracting talented investment professionals who share our commitment to high conviction asset management.

Building a pipeline of diverse talent

When we look to bring in talent, we believe that businesses with a diverse workforce and an inclusive culture are stronger and more sustainable. We know that the best people for our business do not all have the same backgrounds or look or sound the same, and that bringing in people with different ways of thinking is particularly important. Jupiter considers diversity and inclusion company-wide, by region, by function and by team, as well as at varying levels of seniority.

Investing and looking after our people

Through our Talent and Learning programme, we look to develop our people. We have leadership programmes and a core training curriculum open to all that focuses on change, wellbeing and mental health. We have expanded our training tailored to managers and have introduced modular training on topics such as change management, mindfulness and resilience.


We strongly encourage wide employee ownership of Jupiter shares and introduced free share awards to all staff in 2020, aligning the interests of employees and shareholders that ultimately benefits the client.

Important information

Market and exchange rate movements can cause the value of an investment to fall as well as rise, and you may get back less than originally invested.