Webcast: A system perpetually in crisis mode

The US government lurches from one ‘debt ceiling’ deadline to the next, while the eurozone once again grapples with spiralling Italian bond yields. Where can investors seek attractive opportunities in a world that seems to be perpetually in crisis mode?

Webcast: Gearing up for a recessionary world

Ariel Bezalel and Harry Richards

Listen to the latest webcast from Ariel Bezalel and Harry Richards, who examine the prospects for fixed income amid a potential sharp downturn in growth.

Webcast: Why the time is ripe for Emerging Markets

Nick Payne

Nick Payne, fund manager of our Global Emerging Markets Focus strategy will delve into opportunities in emerging markets and our fund capabilities within the asset class.

Webcast: Seeking equity income in Asia and Japan

Where can equity income investors find the most attractive combination of income and growth in a world of higher inflation and higher interest rates?

Webcast: Asia is a rich hunting ground for income

Webcast: Asia is a rich hunting ground for income

The Asia Pacific region is home to high-quality developed markets and dynamic emerging markets. The result is a rich and diverse hunting ground for both income and growth investment opportunities – but where can they be found, and what areas are best avoided?

Webcast: A golden breakout?

Webcast: A golden breakout?

Is the US dollar gold price poised for a sustained rally? What do higher for longer and geopolitical risk mean for gold and silver? Ned Naylor-Leyland and Dominik Issler discuss the market dynamics and outlook for monetary metals and miners.

Webcast: Seeking quality in European markets

European webcast

With the global economy perhaps headed for recession, where can investors find secular growth opportunities?

Webcast: A growing ‘cost of governing’ crisis

Jupiter Team

As the UK and others look towards future elections, will the aspiring governments of tomorrow have fiscal headroom to enact meaningful change?

Webcast: Jupiter Merian Global Equity Absolute Return Fund

Webcast: Jupiter Merian Global Equity Absolute Return Fund

Amadeo Alentorn presents an alternative approach to global equities.

Webcast: On inflation, are central banks part of the problem?

Merlin Team

What impact do the travails of central banks have on markets, and how can investors manage the opportunities and risks in this environment?