What is the Assessment of Value?

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has asked all managers of UK-domiciled funds to complete an Assessment of Value annually for each of the ranges they manage. This includes a requirement for firms to carry out and publish an ‘Assessment of Value’ for each fund and class within these ranges.


We continue to give our full support to this FCA initiative. We believe it represents an opportunity to better communicate directly with our clients, allowing us to set out how effectively we believe we have met the range of expectations we set for our products, whether that is regarding the performance we generate, the services we offer, and what and how we charge for them.

What have we published for our Assessment of Value findings?
We have published an Assessment of Value report which summarises our overall findings across the fund ranges. We have also published individual fund value statements summarising our findings and conclusions for each class to provide more detailed information for clients on their specific investments with us (both reports can be found in the links on this page).
Why is the report relevant?

This Assessment of Value report provides a comprehensive review of the funds we have available in our UK ranges. For our clients, reviewing the products they own to ensure they are relevant and competitive will afford more control when it comes to making important decisions that will affect both their own, and their family’s future.

How is Jupiter approaching the Assessment of Value?
Value has been assessed in-line with the FCA’s seven key criteria (pillars), with findings and recommendations reviewed, challenged and approved by the highly experienced Directors of the Jupiter Unit Trust Managers board;

Do clients need to do anything?

The Assessment of Value is a means of informing you of how we have been meeting the expectations we have set for your investment with us. You don’t need to do anything, although this document may help you and your adviser to review if the chosen investment strategy is still aligned with your financial goals.
If you are unsure which share class you are invested in, please:
  • Check your latest bi-annual statement or equivalent
  • Contact us in the way you would normally get in touch, or
  • Consult with your financial adviser.
Individual clients invested in our unit trust or OEIC funds, can also log on to Jupiter’s ‘My Account’ online service or call our customer services team on 0800 561 4000 between 9:00a.m. and 5:30p.m., Monday to Friday excluding public holidays in England.

Assessment of Value Reports 2020-2022

Click the links below to view our historical assessment of value reports.