Safeguarding Biodiversity: Taking a leaf out of climate initiatives

Rainforest, earth and key elements to integrate biodiversity into the investment process

Rhys Petheram and Laura Conigliaro highlight the importance of systematically integrating biodiversity into the investment process.

Taking account of people, planet and profit

Abstract image of ocean and shore

Sandra Carlisle, Jupiter’s Head of Sustainability discusses her new role, bad capitalism and how investors are evolving to address climate change.

Energy shock: looking at both sides of the coin

Energy efficient green buildings

Jon Wallace and Noelle Guo say the energy shock faced by consumers now is reminiscent of the 1970s, which may boost usage of existing energy efficient technologies and spawn new ones.

Jupiter Merlin Weekly: Compound interest: Eighth Wonder of the World

Modern trains at train station

The Jupiter Merlin team look at the wonders of compound interest, the real cost of commuting by rail and the risks associated with predicting inflation.

Gold tantalisingly poised for an all-time high

Gold bars and charts to reflect Gold tantalisingly poised for an all-time high insight

Ned Naylor-Leyland, Head of Gold and Silver, says gold prices may hit fresh highs soon as soaring inflation and muted central bank containment measures spur wider demand for the precious metal.

Jupiter Merlin Weekly: Can the inflation genie go back in the lamp?

Magic lamp

The Jupiter Merlin team look at the variety of blunt instruments central banks have at their disposal to manage inflation, and signs of trouble in the US car market.

Macro Monitor: Big macro changes are brewing…

Digital dollars with US federal reserve building

Mark Nash, James Novotny and Huw Davies discuss a busy outlook for central banks, as inflation surges and US real interest rates hit record lows.

Enyasu or endaka? Japan’s currency conundrum

Japanese yen

Dan Carter and Mitesh Patel discuss what is driving the value of the yen, commonly considered a safe haven currency, but which has slumped recently versus the US dollar.

Examining the knock-on effects of the Ukraine crisis for fixed income investors

Brickmaker Making Identification Marks On Brick

Mark Nash examines how events in Ukraine have affected the outlook for inflation and the prospect of central bank tightening and what this means for fixed income investors.

Jupiter Merlin Weekly: The gaping breach in the sanctions wall

A hole in a wall that is painted with the Russia national flag.

The Jupiter Merlin team look at the dilemma NATO faces in responding to Russian aggression in Ukraine, and also discuss rapid moves in government bond yields.