Outlook 2023: Environmental solutions are crossing a watershed

Forest sky view

As financial markets struggle for direction, Jon Wallace and Noelle Guo discuss the unavoidable trends shaping the future.

Jupiter Merlin Weekly: Playing the game of unintended consequences

snakes and ladder board game

The Jupiter Merlin team discuss the diverging views between central banks about how best they should maintain financial stability and defeat inflation.

Jupiter Merlin Weekly: Banking is complex but simple

Broken piggy bank with money inside

The Jupiter Merlin team look at a dramatic week in markets, as cracks appear in the banking sector and the credibility of the US Federal Reserve hangs in the balance.

Budget reaction: A glass half full Budget for the optimists

A red briefcase against the backdrop of coins

Richard Buxton assesses Jeremy Hunt’s first full budget, in which the Chancellor sought to incentivise companies to invest in and encourage re-participation in the workforce.

Rights and Issues: combining strong heritage with new resources

Dan Nickols and Matt Cable

Rights and Issues Investment Trust plc was launched in 1962 but has now appointed Jupiter as investment manager. Dan Nickols and Matt Cable, managers since October 2022, answer questions about their strategy.

Jupiter Merlin Weekly: Flirting with recession but so far avoiding it

pound coin sat on a news paper article with charts

The Jupiter Merlin team look at a delicate economic situation, where the UK is not yet in recession and where central bankers are divided about the right policy approach.

Jupiter Merlin Weekly: Why so much volatility in bonds?


The Jupiter Merlin team examine what has already been a rollercoaster year in bond markets.

Jupiter Merlin Weekly: Ukraine and a world in conflict and flux

A man playing chess

The Jupiter Merlin team ask whether support for Ukraine is strengthening or wavering in the West, and what might the end game be for this devastating conflict?

Jupiter Merlin Weekly: Bonds Bounce, Inflation Confounds, Debt Rises

Horses running

The Jupiter Merlin team look at the bond market’s thundering herd, inflation’s confounding data and the US Debt Ceiling’s steady rise.

Jupiter Merlin Weekly: Is reversing Brexit back on the agenda?

EU Jigsaw puzzle with one UK flag piece

Is reversing Brexit back on the agenda? If so, on what terms? The Jupiter Merlin team look at the politically toxic question of Brexit, which refuses to go away.