Xuchen Zhang

Xuchen Zhang

Credit Analyst

Adam Darling

Vikram Aggarwal This is the Job Title 012 4567 891 [email protected] “Increasing transparency makes markets more efficient, and economies more stable and resilient.” Latest Insights UK Small and Mid Cap Investors Look to Recovery and a Wave of IPOs Dan Nickols and Richard Watts consider the outlook for UK small and mid cap stocks with […]

Jim Goff

Senior Advisor, NZS

Adam Schor


President and Chief Risk Officer, NZS

Joe Furmanski

Investor, NZS

Jon Bathgate

Investor, NZS

Brad Slingerlend

Investor, NZS

Brinton Johns


Investor, NZS

James Gilbert

Assistant Fund Manager, UK Small & Mid Cap

Stuart Cox

Fund Manager, Global Equities