Jupiter’s brand has a long heritage and today we are building on that legacy as we launch our refreshed visual identity. It has also been an opportune time for us to rename the former Merian-branded funds, and to launch our new website.

We are now one business, one brand, and we’re moving forward as one.

We are building our new business around the concept of ‘the value of active minds’. This is something that permeates every area of our business. It encourages us to think and debate: what are the issues of the day? How can we communicate them to our clients? How do we ensure that we are meeting their needs? How can we find opportunities that deliver for clients and add significant value to their financial portfolios?

It all comes down to what we think of as the ‘essence’ of Jupiter: active management, independence of thought, the value of diversity and a responsible and sustainable approach to investment. The world is always changing and challenging, so we need people who are willing to learn continuously, to adapt and be flexible, and to make informed judgements that will contribute to positive investment outcomes for our clients. To achieve this, we need a diverse community of people, and we need to give them the freedom to be able to do their best work.

Jupiter enters the next phase of its development with confidence, equipped with the tools, the funds and the investment talent to ensure our future prosperity in a post-Covid world. As we progress through 2021, I look forward to reporting back to you on our success in delivering the performance our clients and shareholders expect from us.