We are delighted to invite you to our Jupiter Fixed Income roadshow. Ariel Bezalel, Lead Investment Manager, along with other members of our experienced team will participate in the series of in-person events designed to showcase Jupiter’s wide-ranging capabilities.


The world has been going through a turbulent period. Investors are gripped by rampant inflation, aggressive rate increases, growth concerns, a growing energy crisis and geopolitical tensions. Policy makers are grappling with a politically sensitive cost-of-living crisis. Rate increases and talk of an imminent recession are threatening risk assets. Central bankers are closely watched for their next moves. Keeping an eye on the ability of corporates to repay their debt is important too. All these factors call for a nuanced approach to asset allocation. Protecting the downside is as important as preserving capital and maximising returns.


The Jupiter fixed income team, which invests in assets including, sovereign, investment grade, high yield and contingent convertible bonds, will offer insights into the evolving macro-economic environment and how these are reflected in their portfolios.


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Jupiter Fixed Income team