Introducing the Jupiter Sustainable Investing Academy

ESG. COP 26. UN SDGs. Transition. Exclusions. Impact. SFDR/Article 6, 8 and 9. Green bonds. Sustainability-linked bonds. Corporate engagement. Net zero. The list goes on.


The sheer profusion of terminology associated with the crucial topic of investing in a way that balances the wellbeing of people and our planet with generating profits is enough to bewilder even seasoned financial services professionals.


At Jupiter, we recognise that for many advisers and wealth managers – against a backdrop of soaring interest in sustainable investment – the challenge of helping clients to understand what it all means has become very real.


With this in mind, we have created the ‘Jupiter Sustainable Investing Academy’, a series of six, 30-minute online training sessions. Each session features one or more of our sustainable investment experts, and focuses on a specific sustainable investing-related topic.


The Academy was developed to be both accessible and engaging, and we hope it will equip participants to better inform their clients about the characteristics and features of different strategies, and the reality of how investment decisions can support the transition to a more sustainable world economy.