An all-weather strategy for a tough macro environment

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Global markets have faced a rough ride this year. How do investors navigate this choppy and uncertain environment? Ariel Bezalel and Harry Richards show how their strategy’s well-considered approach has historically delivered through some rough patches over the years.

When is the best time to buy gold?

Gold bars with chart of gold price in the background

Ned Naylor-Leyland says a dovish pivot from central banks may trigger a rally in gold and silver prices.

Whatever it takes, no matter the cost?

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Ariel Bezalel and Harry Richards argue that the Fed’s misguided focus on inflation will cause a deep recession – and offers compelling opportunities for fixed income investors.

When safe havens are hard to find


Traditional portfolios allocated only to equities and bonds may not always provide the diversification needed. A permanent allocation to alternatives with low correlation can help.

Notes from the Investment Floor: Everything is screaming recession

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Adam Darling looks at the conflicting drivers of bond markets this year, as central banks tighten policy while major economies appear set for a painful recession.

Notes from the Investment Floor: India – A wealth of investment opportunities

As India overtakes the UK to become the fifth largest economy in the world, Colin Croft, Investment Manager, explains the resilience of Indian equities year to date.

Macro Monitor: Rates higher for longer?

US Federal Reserve (Fed) building against the backdrop of banknotes

The team managing the Jupiter Strategic Absolute Return Bond strategy analyses Fed policy and shares its outlook for interest rates and inflation.

Not out of the woods yet

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Markets have bounced recently despite weaker economic data. Ariel Bezalel and Harry Richards argue the Fed’s pivot will be delayed and the slowdown sharp.

Human investing with computer help

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Matus Mrazik explains how the Jupiter Systematic Equities team’s investment approach uses computer help in what is ultimately a human process.

Reading the Fed tea leaves

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Ariel Bezalel and Harry Richards say the Federal Reserve may continue to raise rates to combat soaring inflation, belying a relatively dovish interpretation of the Fed’s tone by markets.