In our Global Sustainable Equities strategy, we invest in high quality companies that are leading the transition towards a more sustainable world. ‘Quality’ in this sense refers to those companies that balance the interests of three core stakeholders:


  • the planet on which we all depend,
  • the people with whom we coexist, and
  • profit which we need for our savings.


This stems from our core belief that those companies that actively seek to reduce theirs and others’ impact on the environment and maximise the value that they can create for society by promoting a more inclusive and equitable world are better placed to create better long-term returns for their investors. This latter point is critical to the proposition of the Global Sustainable Equities strategy; to deliver outperformance of our benchmark while also aligning our clients’ savings with the delivery of positive environmental and social outcomes.


Financial sustainability is a key part of our assessment process, as we believe that offers the strongest platform from which to lead in environmental and social sustainability as well. This results in a significant quality style bias within the strategy. We believe that our focus on companies with long histories of strong and resilient balance sheets, excellent cash flow generation and durable franchises with brand and pricing power should leave them well positioned financially and operationally in times of economic stress, as well as for the long-term secular growth trend that addressing key sustainability challenges represents.


The value of active minds: independent thinking

A key feature of Jupiter’s investment approach is that we eschew the adoption of a house view, instead preferring to allow our specialist fund managers to formulate their own opinions on their asset class. As a result, it should be noted that any views expressed – including on matters relating to environmental, social and governance considerations – are those of the author(s), and may differ from views held by other Jupiter investment professionals.

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