ESG glossary

Jupiter takes environmental, social and corporate governance seriously. We would like to help you better understand the terminologies used in the industry and their definitions.

Glossary of terms

Absolute return

Absolute return: The total return of an asset, portfolio or fund over a given period of time OR an investment approach that attempts to achieve a return which is not benchmarked against an index.

Accumulation units (Acc units)

Units of a fund in which any interest earned or dividends paid are automatically reinvested into the fund.

Active management

Where a fund manager actively selects investments for a portfolio with the goal of performing better than a benchmark index. See also passive funds.

Active share

Active Share is a measure of the stock holdings in a portfolio that differs from the benchmark index.


A measure of fund performance that compares the return of a fund with that of its benchmark, taking account of the risk taken by the fund. Alpha is often considered to represent the value that a fund manager adds to or subtracts from a fund's return.

Alternative investments

Investments outside of traditional asset classes of stocks and bonds. Alternatives include commodities, hedge funds, private equity and unlisted companies.
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