Tavola rotonda: navigare un mercato volatile e incerto

Panel discussion navigating a volatile and uncertain environment

Alcuni dei principali gestori di strategie alternative di Jupiter discutono della capacità degli investitori attivi di fornire risultati superiori in contesti di mercati difficili.

Perché allocare capitale in strategie su oro e argento gestite attivamente?

Ned Naylor Leyland Why allocate to actively managed gold and silver strategies

In un contesto geopolitico molto incerto, Ned Naylor-Leyland, Head of Gold and Silver di Jupiter, condivide i suoi pensieri su come affrontare le sfide dei mercati in maniera concreta.

Perché investire in strategie sistematiche globali neutrali rispetto al mercato azionario?

Amadeo Alentorn Why allocate to systematic global equity market-neutral strategies

In un contesto di elevata volatilità del mercato, Amadeo Alentorn, Head of Global Systematic Equities di Jupiter, discute il ruolo delle strategie market-neutral nel ciclo di mercato.

Perché investire in strategie a reddito fisso altamente flessibile?

Mark Nash Why allocate to highly flexible fixed income strategies

Mark Nash, Head of Fixed Income Alternatives di Jupiter, condivide i suoi pensieri sull’importanza di rimanere flessibili e di impiegare una “cassetta degli attrezzi” completa di diversi strumenti finanziari.

Video: Finding great companies in Europe

Video: Finding great companies in Europe

Mark Heslop, Fund Manager, European Growth, explains why pricing power is so important for companies today, and provides a brief introduction to the fund.

How We Find Excellence in Europe

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Mark Nichols provides insight into how the investment team identifies excellent companies to invest in for the long term. Mark says the team seeks out European businesses with strong franchises and sustainable competitive advantages that allows these companies to charge high prices for their products or services.

Lessons from bees: How to invest in a digital world

Lessons from bees: How to invest in a digital world

Business models are adapting to the new digital world. So must investment firms. In this video, Brinton Johns and Joe Furmanski of NZS Capital discuss what we can learn from bees and why it’s important to build resilience and optionality in a portfolio.

Absolute return fixed income: Mark Nash’s outlook

Absolute return fixed income: Mark Nash's outlook

Mark Nash gives his outlook for fixed income markets and explains the merits of an ‘absolute return’ approach to the asset class.

Disruption: Impact investing for climate change

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Jon Wallace, fund manager, environmental solutions, will discuss the opportunities and risks associated with building portfolios of companies delivering products and services designed to address environmental issues. Drawing out the stark contrasts from his experience of the investment landscape post-Global Financial Crisis, he will share his insights into encouraging recent signs that meaningful political and financial capital is seeking to support public companies with the ability to have a positive environmental impact.

Green bonds: ESG considerations in fixed income investing

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What are the primary considerations when applying an ESG thematic approach to fixed income investing? Participating in our Sustainable Investing Academy series, Rhys Petheram, head of environmental solutions and fixed income fund manager, discusses how long-established principles applied to equity investment frameworks are increasingly being adopted by bond investors, as well as a range of factors that are unique to fixed income.