Systematic global equities: Tackling challenging macro environments

Tornado over a volatile line chart

With volatility likely to continue, Matus Mrazik explains how a systematic approach can help to weather tough macro and style environments.

Emerging market debt: Is this as bad as it gets?

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Reza Karim explains how the asset class has fared this year and which segments of the market offer potential opportunities for investors.

Notes from the Investment Floor: The outlook looks bright for India

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Avinash Vazirani explains why India has held up better than many other equity markets year to date, and why the long-term outlook for India still looks positive.

Carbone Sans Frontières: action on carbon leakage

Environmental official with carbon emission from the background

In an article that first appeared on ESG Clarity, Abbie Llewellyn-Waters and Freddie Woolfe discuss the importance of internalising decarbonisation into stock analysis.

Japan’s growth cyclicals: opportunity or trap?

Dan Carter and Mitesh Patel discuss opportunities and risks in the Japanese market, concluding that ‘chance favours only the prepared mind’.

Sleepwalking into an energy crisis

energy ship, tank ship in the sea

Richard Buxton argues that energy security means more natural gas, being honest about the clean energy transition and preparing for years of high energy prices.

Zen and the art of stock analysis

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The uncomfortable truth for investors is that the future is difficult to predict. So the best strategy is to focus on adaptability, says Brad Slingerlend of NZS Capital.

Notes from the Investment Floor: A ‘profit warning rich’ environment

Notes from the Investment Floor: A ‘profit warning rich’ environment

With volatility spiking, Errol Francis looks at the pressures on markets, as commentary on the economic outlook worsens and the market reacts in indiscriminate fashion.

Fed and inflation: missing the wood for the trees?

Crowd of people on the street in New York City

The global growth impulse is facing headwinds and inflation may fade in the coming months. How far can central banks tighten? Ariel Bezalel and Harry Richards share their views.

Notes from the Investment Floor: Consumers chill on Netflix

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As consumers tighten their belts with lower discretionary spending, Adam Darling discusses the impact on credit markets of a higher inflation, lower growth environment.