Green bonds: ESG considerations in fixed income investing

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What are the primary considerations when applying an ESG thematic approach to fixed income investing? Participating in our Sustainable Investing Academy series, Rhys Petheram, head of environmental solutions and fixed income fund manager, discusses how long-established principles applied to equity investment frameworks are increasingly being adopted by bond investors, as well as a range of factors that are unique to fixed income.

Data: the application of (data) science to ESG analysis and the surprising insights that can be revealed by proprietary data analysis

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Is a highly developed data analytics capability essential to ESG investing? Sam Livingstone, head of data science, answers this and other questions in this video recording of a live event, part of our Sustainable Investing Academy series. Also featured is Nick Payne, head of strategy, global emerging markets focus, who gives a fund manager’s perspective on proprietary ESG software developed by Jupiter’s data science team.

Engagement: an open discussion on the critical role of ongoing corporate engagement and policy work

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What is our philosophy behind engaging companies? Participating in our Sustainable Investing Academy series, Edward Bonham Carter, Ashish Ray and Andrew Mortimer explain our approach to governance that takes into account the interests of competing stakeholders and how it’s an evolving and continuous process. We are pleased to share the full-length video recording of the event below.

Active: the art of fundamental sustainability analysis

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What factors do sustainability analysts take into account, and where do they get their information from? In the second of our Sustainable Investing Academy events, Freddie Woolfe, equities analyst for Jupiter’s global sustainable equities strategy shares his insights into what fundamental sustainability analysis really entails.

Sustainable investing: delivering positive impact and a more sustainable world

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Why should investors consider ESG strategies? In the first of our Sustainable Investing Academy events, Abbie Llewellyn-Waters explains that doing good for the planet and for people need not be at the cost of profit.

A question of trust: crypto assets, gold, silver, and the future of the global monetary system

Are we about to push reset on the global monetary system? Since 2008 the revolution in central bank policy has been extraordinary and fiat currencies, totally reliant on trust, have been undermined arguably to breaking point.

European Stocks in Focus, Mark Heslop, Fund Manager, European Growth

Mark Heslop Jupiter Fund Manager, European Growth

Watch this in-depth interview with Mark Heslop on European stocks, hosted by Mark Dittli, Editor-in-chief of Swiss financial media platform The Market.

Quick thinking from active minds

quick thinking from active minds

The latest event in our “Value of Active Minds” virtual events series is now available for catch-up viewing, as we start our stopwatches and give three fund managers just 8 minutes each to update you on their area of expertise.

A world of opportunity in just 30 minutes

quick thinking from active minds

This rapid journey through the thinking of some of Jupiter’s brightest minds will take you to Japan, through emerging markets and explore the world of global sustainable investing, all in just half an hour. Your guides are Abbie Llewellyn-Waters, Dan Carter and Nick Payne.

Quick thinking from active minds

quick thinking from active minds

To assuage your “Zoom fatigue” we’ve given our fund managers just eight minutes each to share the latest insights on their areas of expertise. The first event in this “Quick thinking” series featured Alejandro Arevalo on why this could be a great time to allocate to emerging market debt, Mark Nash on finding diversification in alternative fixed income, and Ned Naylor-Leyland on the stories behind the headlines in gold and silver.