Bonds: Finding value in a lopsided world

Globe & US Dollars

Mark Nash, Huw Davies and James Novotny discuss the divergence in monetary policy between the US and Europe and how that’s creating opportunities in the bond markets.

Notes from the Investment Floor: The stage is set for emerging markets

A person is pulling a curtain on the stage

Nick Payne reflects on the differing fortunes of developed and emerging markets, as the stage seems set for emerging markets to come to the fore once again.

Notes from the Investment Floor: EMD – in “wait and see” mode

A businessman is waiting in front of a screen with stock market quotes

Alejandro Arevalo explains what’s happened in emerging market debt year to date, and why it’s important to focus on differentiation when investing in the asset class.

Trip note: Turkey’s most important election in recent history

Turkish flag

Reza Karim discusses his recent trip to Turkey, where he met several government officials, local political experts and pollsters ahead of the upcoming election.

What’s behind the rise in gold and silver?

Gold Market Price Rising Illustration

Ned Naylor-Leyland and Daniel March discuss the macro, market and technical factors behind the bullish moves in gold and silver.

The best that the Asia Pacific region can offer

An Indian flag and an Australian flag with a map of Asia

Jason Pidcock and Sam Konrad outline the diverse opportunities in the Asia Pacific region, particularly the complementary strengths of Australia and India.

‘Gradually, then suddenly’: monetary tightening starts to bite

People carrying shopping bags walking on the street

Accidents have already disrupted markets, but are there more to come? How soon might the Federal Reserve loosen policy? Ariel Bezalel and Harry Richards give their view.

Not banking on it


Phil Macartney, European equities investment manager, argues that bank shares carry more risk than reward and should be avoided – even in the best of times.

ESG integration for macro investors

blue globe of the Earth in space

Mark Nash, Huw Davies and James Novotny explain how they integrate ESG into their macro investment process.

Tuning out the noise to find great European smaller companies

A tram passes through a street in Lisbon

Phil Macartney says an indiscriminate selloff in European small caps has created opportunities to invest in undervalued companies with robust fundamentals.