Bonds: A story of twists and turns

A globe with index figures and line charts

Mark Nash, Huw Davies and James Novotny believe the turbulence faced by banks may spur central banks to reverse their restrictive monetary policy stance.

What Credit Suisse may mean for contingent capital and European banks

A man holds a Switzerland country flag with the background of floating stock figures which are falling

Luca Evangelisti and Paridhi Garg discuss the potential impact of the Credit Suisse sale on European banks, contingent capital and financials investing.

Is this banking crisis the same old story?


Since the Global Financial Crisis, regulators and policy makers have worked to avoid a repeat. Yet banks are in trouble again. Is this the same old story?

Reflecting on reflections from Japan

Reflections through the lens of Fuji mountain in Japan

Dan Carter considers the challenges Japanese equites face and outlines the approach he has taken to overcoming these as an investor in the asset class.

Budget reaction: A glass half full Budget for the optimists

A red briefcase against the backdrop of coins

Richard Buxton assesses Jeremy Hunt’s first full budget, in which the Chancellor sought to incentivise companies to invest in and encourage re-participation in the workforce.

Why should companies care about diversity…and why we do

A group of people with diversified background are discussing

Anna Karim underscores the importance of diversity within the workforce and examines the various positive effects a diverse workforce creates for companies and their shareholders.

Calm before a golden M&A storm?

large truck used for mining

Ned Naylor-Leyland discusses the recent uptick in merger and acquisition activity among gold miners and whether the trend has further to go.

GEAR: enhancing our investment process

In recent years, we have introduced enhancements to our investment process, designed to increase diversification, use new sources of data, and allow greater flexibility, writes Amadeo Alentorn, lead investment manager, Jupiter systematic equities.

Notes from the Investment Floor: European companies are upbeat on 2023

An flying aeroplane in the backdrop against the sky with clouds

Mark Nichols says European companies are reporting positive trends on demand, pricing and the impact of China’s reopening.

Notes from the Investment Floor: The mood music is starting to lift

Person playing air guitar

Jon Wallace looks at the impact that a moderation in inflation, and structurally higher energy prices, are having on environmental solutions businesses.