Calm before a golden M&A storm?

large truck used for mining

Ned Naylor-Leyland discusses the recent uptick in merger and acquisition activity among gold miners and whether the trend has further to go.

GEAR: enhancing our investment process

In recent years, we have introduced enhancements to our investment process, designed to increase diversification, use new sources of data, and allow greater flexibility, writes Amadeo Alentorn, lead investment manager, Jupiter systematic equities.

Notes from the Investment Floor: European companies are upbeat on 2023

An flying aeroplane in the backdrop against the sky with clouds

Mark Nichols says European companies are reporting positive trends on demand, pricing and the impact of China’s reopening.

Notes from the Investment Floor: The mood music is starting to lift

Person playing air guitar

Jon Wallace looks at the impact that a moderation in inflation, and structurally higher energy prices, are having on environmental solutions businesses.

Notes from the Investment Floor: The case for emerging market optimism

Shanghai skyline

Salman Siddiqui discusses three key reasons for optimism around emerging market equities this year.

What might a recession mean for high yield investors?

Adam Darling says a global recession looks probable and may bring opportunities in high yield bonds for active investors.

EMD: From peak bearishness to peak bullishness?

Bear and Bull

Alejandro Arevalo and Reza Karim explain the recent positive developments for EMD, and discuss whether they think optimism about the asset class will persist.

Are 60-40 portfolios two-legged stools?

A pie chart with one sector represents 60% and another represents 40%

Traditional portfolio allocations to just long-only equities and bonds may be less optimal than adding alternatives, writes Amadeo Alentorn, lead investment manager, Jupiter systematic equities.

Notes from the Investment Floor: Taking the long-term view in sustainable investing


Abbie Llewellyn-Waters discusses the importance and challenges of taking a long-term view on sustainable investing.

Notes from the Investment Floor: Moving towards a pause?

Increasing interest rate illustration

James Novotny assesses the prospects for the global economy and how that could mean for rate increases.