Following a significant deterioration in sentiment and a sharp spike in financial market volatility in early 2022, many investors are seeking sources of uncorrelated returns. In this difficult environment, we are pleased to present our latest panel discussion, in which Amadeo Alentorn (Head of Global Systematic Equities), Mark Nash (Head of Fixed Income Alternatives), and Ned Naylor-Leyland (Head of Gold and Silver) share their thoughts on practical ways to navigate the turmoil.

Over the course of a wide-ranging debate, the panellists – including some of Jupiter’s leading managers of alternative strategies – discuss their belief in the ability of active managers to deliver superior investment outcomes in challenging environments.

Amid heightened tensions in global energy and commodity markets, the most testing inflationary backdrop witnessed in a generation, and a highly uncertain geopolitical situation, many questions remain unanswered. In this spirit, we hope you will consider watching the recorded discussion to discover why the managers believe there are diverse ways to navigate such an environment, including:

  • Using systematic analysis of the behaviour of market participants to help guide long/short global equity market neutral portfolio construction;
  • Taking a highly flexible approach to building global bond portfolios; and
  • Interpreting ultra-long-term economic cycles, and why this may be the key to reigniting interest in monetary metals, an asset class that has been shunned by many investors for some decades now.


There are no right or wrong answers, but we hope this discussion will at the very least provide you with some food for thought.

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