Including silver in the portfolio offers the potential for higher returns than a pure gold allocation. Silver prices tend to follow gold. Silver typically increases in value faster than gold when precious metal prices are rising. But because silver markets are smaller, silver prices also decline faster when both metals are falling.

Silver also has dual importance as an industrial component, as well being a monetary store of value.

There is growing demand for silver for use in green technologies, such as photovoltaic cells for solar panels, and it is widely used in electronics! Silver can be found in solar cells, water purifiers, touch screen & smartphones, electric vehicles and semiconductors.

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About the fund manager

Ned joined the company from Merian Global Investors and manages the Jupiter Gold & Silver Fund. He has nearly two decades of experience in precious metals investing, having founded a dedicated monetary metals fund in 2009 at Quilter Cheviot. Ned began his career at Smith & Williamson and graduated from the University of Bristol in 1998 with a BA (Hons) in Spanish.