What central banks are saying about gold

Gold bars

Ned Naylor-Leyland says investors should pay attention to the views of central bankers on gold, especially since the yellow metal is nearing an inflection point.

Reality will bite for central banks

Jupiter dynamic bond team

In the second half of 2023, Ariel Bezalel and Harry Richards (Investment Managers) expect central banks to become more worried about growth than inflation.

Emerging market CoCos: Keep calm

A bank sign and a swiss flag

Alejandro Arevalo and Reza Karim discuss how the Credit Suisse rescue deal has impacted emerging markets, and why this volatility presents exciting opportunities for EM investors.

US and EU ‘IRA’: made in China?

A USA flag and an European Union flag, with cracks between the flags

The EU’s efforts to catch up with the US’s massive move to support strategic green industries, jobs and clean technology signal a new era, writes Jupiter’s Environmental Solutions team.

Outlook 2023: Environmental solutions are crossing a watershed

Forest sky view

As financial markets struggle for direction, Jon Wallace and Noelle Guo discuss the unavoidable trends shaping the future.

Budget reaction: A glass half full Budget for the optimists

A red briefcase against the backdrop of coins

Richard Buxton assesses Jeremy Hunt’s first full budget, in which the Chancellor sought to incentivise companies to invest in and encourage re-participation in the workforce.

Notes from the Investment Floor: Yield is back for bonds

White piggy bank with a small man in front of it

Vikram Aggarwal sets the scene for bond markets in 2023, as yield finally returns to the asset class. Could market fears transfer from duration to credit quality in 2023?

Outlook 2023: Shunning predictions to focus on sustainable trends

3 hurdle runners run from analog to digital

The team at NZS Capital explain why they don’t make macro forecasts or try to predict when market focus will shift, but instead look for sustainable investable trends.

Outlook 2023: Recession, but that needn’t be bad for bonds

A ship in a stormy sea

Adam Darling looks ahead to the prospect of bad economic news in 2023, but explains why he hasn’t been this optimistic about bond markets for years.

Outlook 2023: Is the time ripe for emerging markets?

A few baskets of fruits and each basket has a country flag of emerging market countries (Brazil, China, India and Mexico)

Nick Payne explains why he believes emerging markets are poised for a recovery after a challenging year.