Absolute Return Bond funds: A Modern Approach to Diversification

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Huw Davies, Investment Manager, Fixed Income – Absolute Return, discusses why investors are recognising the need to look beyond a traditional 60 / 40 structure in favour of a more modern approach. 

Fed pivot? Get ready for a gold & silver breakout

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Ned Naylor-Leyland explains how a shift in central bank policy could trigger a change in market sentiment that sends gold and silver prices to record highs.

Notes from the Investment Floor: When China sneezes…

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Nick Payne discusses the situation in China, which is easing monetary and fiscal policy when others are tightening, and whether ‘zero Covid’ can stand the test of time.

A Rich Vein of Opportunity for Gold and Silver Miners

Gold mine

Ned Naylor-Leyland, Investment Manager for gold & silver, assesses the prospects for the unloved shares of gold & silver miners and a possible shift in Fed policy.

Notes from the Investment Floor: Could China rebound in H2 2022?

Cargo from China

Salman Siddiqui discusses how emerging markets are coping with the economic backdrop, and points to reasons why the 2nd half of the year could see a turnaround for China.

Notes from the Investment Floor: The world of environmental solutions

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Noelle Guo explains the opportunities available to investors in environmental solutions, such as tackling climate change and the need for natural capital restoration.

Notes from the Investment Floor: Opportunities for quality growth

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Mark Heslop explains why pricing power is important when identifying companies that can survive periods of market volatility.

A once in a generation opportunity in fixed income?

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Ariel Bezalel and Harry Richards look at a turbulent time in bond markets and explain why, rather than doom and gloom, this could be a once in a generation opportunity.

Emerging market debt: Winners and losers

Crowded emerging market street

Alejandro Arevalo and Jupiter’s Emerging Markets Debt team weigh the opportunities as well as potential risks in the asset class amid rising inflation, tighter policies and geopolitical tensions.

Emerging market debt: Is this as bad as it gets?

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Reza Karim explains how the asset class has fared this year and which segments of the market offer potential opportunities for investors.