ESG in fixed income – why do it?

Green building

Anna Karim underscores the importance of engaging with companies to raise their awareness about climate change and how that can give a fillip to their businesses.

Notes from the Investment Floor: Yield is back for bonds

White piggy bank with a small man in front of it

Vikram Aggarwal sets the scene for bond markets in 2023, as yield finally returns to the asset class. Could market fears transfer from duration to credit quality in 2023?

Engagement summary: NatWest Q3 2022

London buildings

Anna Karim describes our recent engagement with NatWest, in which we discussed their progress against a variety of sustainability metrics.

Notes from the Investment Floor: The anatomy of a small cap rally

illustration of a heart

Dan Nickols and Phil Macartney discuss what has characterised the market rally over the last several weeks and how small caps in the UK and Europe have been impacted.

Outlook 2023: European banks deserve some credit

Frankfurt skyline with bank towers

Luca Evangelisti says that European banks are much better prepared to navigate a slowing economy, and this adds to the “through the cycle” risk-adjusted appeal of CoCos.

Outlook 2023: Shunning predictions to focus on sustainable trends

3 hurdle runners run from analog to digital

The team at NZS Capital explain why they don’t make macro forecasts or try to predict when market focus will shift, but instead look for sustainable investable trends.

Outlook 2023: Recession, but that needn’t be bad for bonds

A ship in a stormy sea

Adam Darling looks ahead to the prospect of bad economic news in 2023, but explains why he hasn’t been this optimistic about bond markets for years.

Outlook 2023: Is the time ripe for emerging markets?

A few baskets of fruits and each basket has a country flag of emerging market countries (Brazil, China, India and Mexico)

Nick Payne explains why he believes emerging markets are poised for a recovery after a challenging year.

Outlook 2023: Europe, is it dawn yet?

A truck on the countryside road over sunset

Mark Nichols and Mark Heslop discuss why they are staying positive, and the subtle difference between investing in European companies and investing in Europe.

Outlook 2023: Hard yards ahead for UK economy

An upside down union jack umbrella

After a volatile year for UK investors, Richard Buxton examines the headwinds facing the UK economy and explains why there are reasons to be optimistic despite the challenges ahead.