Outlook 2023: Is the time ripe for emerging markets?

A few baskets of fruits and each basket has a country flag of emerging market countries (Brazil, China, India and Mexico)

Nick Payne explains why he believes emerging markets are poised for a recovery after a challenging year.

Outlook 2023: Europe, Is It Dawn Yet?

A truck on the countryside road over sunset

Mark Nichols and Mark Heslop discuss why they are staying positive, and the subtle difference between investing in European companies and investing in Europe.

Outlook 2023: Hard yards ahead for UK economy

An upside down union jack umbrella

After a volatile year for UK investors, Richard Buxton examines the headwinds facing the UK economy and explains why there are reasons to be optimistic despite the challenges ahead.

Outlook 2023: Bonds are back

A display board showing rising green arrow for yields

Ariel Bezalel and Harry Richards assess the prospects for fixed income as inflation fades and growth concerns emerge.

Outlook 2023: It will pay to be open-minded and adaptable

Merlin outlook 2023

Jupiter’s Independent Funds Team look ahead to 2023, which will likely see recession but potentially also falling inflation.

Outlook 2023: Environmental solutions are crossing a watershed

Forest sky view

As financial markets struggle for direction, Rhys Petheram and Jon Wallace discuss the unavoidable trends shaping the future.

Outlook 2023: Time to think like a central banker about Gold

Stacks of gold bars

After a volatile year for markets and an increasing lack of trust in both sovereigns and institutions, Ned Naylor-Leyland explains why it’s time to think differently about Gold.

Outlook 2023: Asia Pacific – Home to a wealth of world-class businesses

Earth sun rise Australia and New Zealand

What can we expect from Asia Pacific (ex Japan) markets in 2023? Jason Pidcock and Sam Konrad give their views and discuss the key attributes they look for in companies.

Outlook 2023: Why 2023 could be a good year for emerging market debt

Palms on Ipanema Beach at sunset, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Following a particularly difficult year for fixed income, Alejandro Arevalo and Reza Karim explain why there are reasons to be positive about the outlook for EMD.

Outlook 2023: Heading towards a soft landing?

Tandem sky divers landing in field with parachute

After a turbulent year for fixed income markets following a series of rate increases, Mark Nash, Huw Davies and James Novotny say many factors are turning favourable for the asset class as growth and inflation begin to slow.