Share Investments

Investing in shares of a diverse range companies from around the world

Please bear in mind that all investments involve risk and the value of, and any potential income from, your investment may fluctuate and are not guaranteed.


Shares, also known as stocks or equities, represent ownership of a stake in a company and grant the holder a share of the company’s profits if the company’s management decides to distribute any profits to shareholders as a dividend.


Shares usually give holders voting rights that they can use to influence company policy.


Shares are generally considered riskier than bonds because shareholders, in the event of a company going bust, would be last in line to get their money back from any assets that are subsequently recovered from the failed business.


At Jupiter we offer a wide array of funds that invest in shares, including those covering stock markets in the UK, the US, India, China, and Japan or also across Europe, Asia, and global emerging markets.


We also offer more specialised funds that aim to deliver, amongst other things, sustainable and rising levels of dividend income. Other funds focus on small and medium-sized companies in the UK and other specific regions, or have global remits with a specialist slant such as, for example, financial companies or those with environmental and sustainability themes.