Jupiter Global Sovereign Opportunities

Rethinking government bond investments

Our aim when investing in sovereign fixed income is to deliver superior returns versus global sovereign bonds with a similar degree of volatility.

Why invest in Jupiter Global Sovereign Opportunities

Our aim when investing in sovereign fixed Fulfilling the traditional  role of sovereighn bonds

2. Where are sovereign opportunities?

3. Investment philosophy

Our philosophy when investing in sovereign fixed income

Investment Philosophy

4. Investment process

Unconstrained instrument selection across „Country Complex“

5. Investment toolkit

Typical trades

6. Geopolitically-aware fund

Positioning for the New World Order


  • We believe that the unipolar world order has changed to a bi- or multi-polar world order
  • Sovereign fixed income universe is unique as it provides directly-correlated investment instruments to position for geopolitical events
  • Identifying geopolitical (tail-)risks is a natural by-product of our investment process
  • We seek to hedge against or position for these risks, which are often non-linear
  • We often implement this via credit-default-swaps (CDS) – these are effectively put options on the underlying bond(s), offering asymmetric payoff structures
  • Our aim is to achieve portfolio resilience