How does climate change affect your investment approach?

Mark Heslop said that the urgency of climate change further increases existential challenges to businesses, as well their cost burden as they are required to cut their carbon emissions. European companies have an edge here given changing consumer behaviour and the fact that governments in the region have arguably been much more on the front foot in developing solutions to climate change – for example, driving energy and buildings efficiencies within their economy. Mark looks for companies that are innovative in this area and that have differentiated products that will give them pricing power over time.


Brinton Johns said he looks for companies that provide more value than they take. Providing value solely to stakeholders is no longer good enough and companies that also offer value to society and the planet are essential. Companies and management teams that understand this will be the ones to survive, and those that do not, ignore it at their peril.


Guy de Blonay added that the move to digital payments and financial technology plays a big part in adding value to society by helping governments to better tackle tax evasion and money laundering while also helping to reduce carbon emissions.


Richard Watts said that small and mid-cap companies in the UK don’t always get ESG right quickly enough given the increased challenges they face as fast-growing companies. That’s why he says it’s important to understand the mindset and culture when investing in these smaller companies, looking out for management teams that understand the scale and problem of climate change and who seek to do social good.


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