Reading the Fed tea leaves

Ariel Bezalel and Harry Richards say the Federal Reserve may continue to raise rates to combat soaring inflation, belying a relatively dovish interpretation of the Fed’s tone by markets.

What lies ahead for EM corporate bonds?

Alejandro Arevalo, Investment Manager, Fixed Income – EMD, describes the current backdrop for emerging market corporate bonds and explains why he’s positive about the outlook, both over the short and longer term.

Absolute Return Bond funds: A Modern Approach to Diversification

Man looking at charts on a laptop

Huw Davies, Investment Manager, Fixed Income – Absolute Return, discusses why investors are recognising the need to look beyond a traditional 60 / 40 structure in favour of a more modern approach. 

Fed pivot? Get ready for a gold & silver breakout

The federal reserve logo

Ned Naylor-Leyland explains how a shift in central bank policy could trigger a change in market sentiment that sends gold and silver prices to record highs.

A tale of fading inflation and slowing growth

Woman holding basket in supermarket

Ariel Bezalel, investment manager for fixed income, explains how inflation is easing, a recession looks likely and what this means for fixed income investors.

Notes from the Investment Floor: When China sneezes…

Woman sneezing

Nick Payne discusses the situation in China, which is easing monetary and fiscal policy when others are tightening, and whether ‘zero Covid’ can stand the test of time.

Seeking true diversification during market turmoil

Light house in a raining and stormy night

Investors face problems in finding diversification when both global equities and bond markets fall. In such environments, the advantages of an allocation to uncorrelated assets are clear.

A Rich Vein of Opportunity for Gold and Silver Miners

Gold mine

Ned Naylor-Leyland, Investment Manager for Gold & Silver, assesses the prospects for the unloved shares of gold & silver miners and a possible shift in Fed policy.

Notes from the Investment Floor: Why’s Japan’s inflation still so low?

A Japanese lady carrying a basket of food in a supermarket in Japan

Dan Carter discusses the macroeconomic dynamics at play in Japan, as the ‘immovable object’ of domestic deflation meets the ‘unstoppable force’ of global inflation.

Notes from the Investment Floor: Seeking sustainable investment ideas

A light bulb with magnifying glasses

Freddie Woolfe, Investment Analyst, Global Sustainable Equities discusses the team’s approach to identifying investment ideas.