The importance of diversification

Jason Pidcock and Sam Konrad explain why they think their Asian Equity Income strategy is well positioned for a range of scenarios, given its diversified exposure.

Modi’s re-election augurs well for reforms

Modi’s re-election augurs well for reforms

Avinash Vazirani and Colin Croft say India offers a compelling choice for long-term investments as Modi stays as the prime minister for another five-year term.

US Exceptionalism and EM Opportunities in Sovereign Bonds

Vikram Aggarwal discusses the recent IMF Spring conference, US economic exceptionalism, progress among distressed EM sovereigns and what it means for investors.

The European equities equation: quality, growth, diversification

Mark Nichols and Mark Heslop discuss high-quality, cash-generative, growth companies in Europe and why these stocks offer diversification potential for global investors.

Finding the silver lining: The reasons behind a strategic allocation to silver in a Gold & Silver fund

Ned Naylor-Leyland and Daniel March explain the benefits behind having an allocation to silver and how this can affect fund performance

A barbell approach to leisure sector credit

lifted Barbells

Andrew Rubins, investment analyst, examines the investment opportunities available in travel and leisure sector credit after the turbulence during the Covid pandemic.

Picks, Shovels and European Smaller Companies Investing

Man working pick and shovel

Phil Macartney and Mark Heslop find a rich vein of opportunity in European smaller companies and discuss why it makes sense to supply picks and shovels in a gold rush.

No free lunch: is a science of the stock market possible?

Systematic taking factsheet video

Complex systems and econophysics are intriguing and expanding fields of research that in time may lead to new signals to be incorporated in our investment model, say Amadeo Alentorn, Lead Investment Manager, and Matus Mrazik, Investment Manager, overseeing the academic research programme, Jupiter Merian Global Equity Absolute Return strategy.

Is high yield right to price a soft landing?

Stock market prices

Adam Darling expects volatility ahead in the high yield market as companies gird up to cross the refinancing hump in the coming months.

Bonds: Are rate cuts coming?

Cutting Rates

Mark Nash, Huw Davies and James Novotny analyse the prospects for government bond markets as relatively low real rates and easy financial conditions underpin growth and inflation.