Security alerts

This “Security alerts” document does not constitute legal or binding advice from any companies within the Jupiter Group and provides general information only. Jupiter does not guarantee that the information is correct or complete.

Security alerts

Customers of financial institutions can be prone to attempts by fraudsters to obtain personal financial information or money. There are many ways they can initiate contact with you, such as emails, letters and cold calls but the methods used are constantly evolving so it is important that you are aware of the types of fraud people are becoming victims to so that you are better able to protect yourself.

Please be aware, the companies within the Jupiter Group will never cold call you to make investment recommendations or send unsolicited emails or letters.

What to do if you receive a suspicious communication

If you receive any communication from someone claiming to work for Jupiter and making investment recommendations please treat this with suspicion and contact us at Jupiter takes any reported activity of this nature seriously and may take action to protect the Jupiter funds and name.

Common frauds

There are various types of fraud where members of the public are contacted by people claiming to work for Investment Companies like Jupiter. Below are some of the most common:

Boiler room operations

Boiler room fraud involves the mis-selling of worthless or bogus stocks and shares for the sole purpose of defrauding cash from unwitting investors. Organised criminals run 'boiler rooms' with a sales pitch designed to play to an innocent investor's desire to make a profit. You can read more about this on the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”) website by clicking here.

Carbon credit schemes

Fraud involving Carbon Credits are very similar to boiler room fraud but instead of trying to sell you stocks and shares they try and convince you to invest in carbon credit or emission reduction schemes. These are highly complex products and in the UK the FCA has published information specifically on this due to the increasing number of frauds involving them. To read the FCA’s guidance on Carbon Credits please click here.

Bogus funds

Jupiter is also aware of a number of bogus funds that use the Jupiter name or share the same or similar name to genuine Jupiter funds. Individuals who invest this way following a cold call are not investing in legitimate Jupiter funds and are likely being defrauded by criminals. To view a list of genuine Jupiter funds please click here.

Cloned firms

This is where fraudsters will use a genuine investment company’s name and regulator registration number but their own contact information. This means the fraudulent company will appear genuine when you verify them on a regulator’s website. If you are ever unsure about the legitimacy of a company please use the contact information provided on the regulator’s register. In the UK please click here FCA’s register of authorised firms.

Known entities that have used the Jupiter name, cloned Jupiter Group Company details or made claims to be linked to the Jupiter Group without authorisation

FX Jupiter
Jupiter Investment
Jupiter Wealth Management Ltd
Jupiter Financial Management Ltd
Jupiter Capital Limited
Jupiter Capital Research
Jupiter P Morgan
Manhattan Sky
Empire Global
Lonestar Regal Capital Group LLC
JAM / JAML / UK Jupiter/ JUP Inc / JUP AML

FX Jupiter
is based in China and offers forex trading services. It claims to be linked to Jupiter and operating under our FCA registration numbers (FRN 122488 and FRN 141274). FX Jupiter have also provided UK and Hong Kong contact details which are not genuine and their website address is

Jupiter Investment set up a website that claimed to have Jupiter Asset Management executives as part of their main board.

Jupiter Wealth Management Ltd and Jupiter Financial Management Ltd were marketing their services under our FCA registration numbers (FRN 141274 and FRN 122488).

Jupiter Capital Limited is not authorised under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (FSMA) to carry on a regulated activity in the UK.

Jupiter Capital Research created a fake Jupiter website as part of a boiler room operation.

Jupiter P Morgan created a fake Jupiter website as part of a carbon credit / emissions reduction scheme.

Manhattan Sky and Empire Global and Lonestar Regal Capital Group LLC are all US firms operating carbon credit schemes and claiming links with the Jupiter Group.

JAM / JAML / UK Jupiter / JUP Inc / JUP AML, we have been alerted to several Asian websites which have been set up under our FCA registration number. The genuine Jupiter registered address and switchboard number are also provided on these websites: and and and

Please be advised that none of these companies are affiliated in any way with the Jupiter Group or any of its related companies.

Postal interception fraud

Postal interception is more than just an inconvenience, it is another way members of the public can become victims of fraudsters. It can seriously jeopardise the security around a person’s bank accounts and investments. When criminals intercept post they can use it to obtain confidential information and use this to steal a victim’s identity, take over accounts and potentially steal or transfer funds away from victims.

The UK financial services industry has seen a growing number of non-UK residents becoming the target of postal interception. We have found South African residents are disproportionately affected by this although other countries' nationals are also vulnerable.

Jupiter has developed and implemented a number of systems and controls to combat fraud and safeguard the interests of customers but it is important customers are also alert to this problem. If any customer is worried about this topic please do not hesitate to contact us.

Malware emails

It has recently come to light that members of the public are receiving emails pretending to be from Jupiter’s Finance department. We believe these emails are a form of malware that attempt to install malicious software onto the recipient’s computer. If you receive this type of email please delete it and immediately run a virus check on your computer. We also advise that if you receive this type of email you report the sender to your ISP and also to Action Fraud, which is the UK’s national fraud and internet crime reporting centre. This can be done using the following link:

Social media

It has been brought to our attention that fake social media accounts are being set up on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn using genuine Jupiter employee names. Customers are then receiving unsolicited contact from unknown individuals using our employee names and making reference to these fake social media accounts in an attempt to make the contact seem genuine. Jupiter employees do not make unsolicited contact with customers and the fake social media accounts are merely intended to confuse and defraud customers. If you come across social media accounts like this and are unsure about authenticity please contact Jupiter directly.

W-8BEN Scam

It has come to our attention that fraudsters have recently issued letters to a small number of our overseas customers asking them to complete a Form W-8BEN and fax it to a fake Jupiter number.

The Form W-8BEN (Certificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial Owner for United States Tax Withholding) is a legitimate U.S. tax exemption document and while Jupiter does sometimes issue these forms to customers for genuine reasons, these particular Form W-8BEN are not authentic.

The intention of the fraudsters is to acquire your personal details, such as mother's maiden name, passport number, account details, PIN numbers, passcodes and debit card security numbers in order to commit fraud. The legitimate IRS Form W-8BEN does not ask for any of this information.

A genuine Form W-8BEN can be found here:

The fraudsters use various angles to get you to complete the fake form and may claim that, for example:

• Anti-money laundering regulations require a review of your client information and ask you to complete the form.
• You are exempt from tax reporting and withholdings on income including interest paid to you, therefore, to protect your exemption from tax please complete the attached form.

Therefore, if you receive a Form W8-BEN form by unsolicited email, fax or post, please do not reply to it and contact Jupiter immediately to enquire about its authenticity.

More information on this scam can be found by clicking on this link:

If any customer is worried about this topic or feels that they may have been a victim of this scam please do not hesitate to contact us.

Recruitment Scams

It has come to our attention that the Jupiter brand and name is being used in recruitment scams. Individuals are being contacted via email, by a person alleging to be a member of Jupiter’s HR team, regarding career opportunities at Jupiter. The latest scam looks to be operated using a number of stages:

  1. You receive an email inviting you for an interview (online using Google Hangout or via text).
  2. You are requested to provide personal details.
  3. You are given an employment offer/letter.
  4. You are asked to perform initial online training.
  5. You are asked to purchase equipment using funds that they send to you via cheque/transfer.

Please be advised that these emails or job opportunities are not connected with Jupiter in any way. Jupiter does not make offers of employment by IM or text and all individuals who receive genuine offers of employment from Jupiter are required to undergo a formal recruitment process.

You can read more about recruitment scams on the Action Fraud website by clicking here.

How to invest with Jupiter

You can invest in genuine Jupiter funds either directly with us by phone or post or indirectly through a financial adviser or funds platform provider. For more information on investing, please visit our website or speak to your financial adviser.