Our approach to stewardship

Jupiter regards the combination of constructive dialogue with companies and the considered use of voting rights to be the cornerstones of its stewardship responsibilities.

Jupiter has a formal Stewardship Committee. This supports our commitment to the UK Stewardship Code, which outlines best practice on how institutional shareholders should fulfil their stewardship responsibilities. The Committee, which meets quarterly, is chaired by the Head of Investments and comprises fund managers, corporate governance and sustainability analysts.

The aim of the Committee is to develop and deliver a co-ordinated approach to engagement with chairmen, directors and independent non-executive directors for Jupiter’s fund management department. Fund managers and governance/sustainability analysts work in partnership when engaging with companies. Through this process, fund managers are able to gain investment insight, make informed decisions and influence investee companies, on behalf of our clients.

Jupiter’s Sustainability Review Committee, also chaired by the Head of Investments, comprises both fund managers and dedicated sustainability and governance specialists. This Committee reviews Jupiter’s engagement activity with companies on social and environmental issues and monitors these risks and opportunities across Jupiter’s funds. Common membership of both committees by governance and sustainability analysts ensures co-ordination and consistency across our stewardship and sustainability work.

The document below 'Jupiter's approach to the UK Stewardship Code' sets out our compliance with this Code. In addition, our Stewardship Disclosure Framework for Asset Managers provides a simple ‘at a glance’ view of our stewardship policies and activities. This Framework, designed by the Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association, is publicly available on the its website and below.

These documents compliment Jupiter's Corporate Governance and Voting Policy which sets out our approach to corporate governance and voting.


UK Stewardship Code - Jupiter's approach

Stewardship Disclosure Framework

Jupiter’s approach to Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance and Voting Policy

Voting & Engagement Report

Voting Records

Market Soundings and Inside Information