Jupiter Global Intermediary Identification Numbers ("GIINs") as at 10 October 2016

The USA adopted The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act ("FATCA") within the US HIRE Act 2010.

The below entities have registered with the IRS and been allocated a GIIN for the purpose of FATCA compliance.



Corporate entities
Jupiter Fund Management plc DE6X7E.00000.LE.826
Jupiter Investment Management Group Ltd DE6X7E.00002.ME.826
Jupiter Asset Management Ltd DE6X7E.00003.ME.826
Jupiter Unit Trust Managers Ltd DE6X7E.00004.ME.826
Jupiter Asset Management Bermuda Ltd DE6X7E.00008.ME.060
Unit Trusts  
Jupiter Absolute Return Fund EQJYY0.00001.SF.826
Jupiter Asian Fund EQJYY0.00002.SF.826
Jupiter Asian Income Fund EQJYY0.00037.SF.826
Jupiter China Fund EQJYY0.00003.SF.826
Jupiter Corporate Bond Fund EQJYY0.00004.SF.826
Jupiter Distribution Fund EQJYY0.00005.SF.826
Jupiter Ecology Fund EQJYY0.00006.SF.826
Jupiter Emerging European Opportunities Fund EQJYY0.00007.SF.826
Jupiter Enhanced Distribution Fund EQJYY0.00036.SF.826
Jupiter European Fund EQJYY0.00008.SF.826
Jupiter European Income Fund EQJYY0.00009.SF.826
Jupiter European Special Situations Fund EQJYY0.00010.SF.826
Jupiter Financial Opportunities Fund EQJYY0.00011.SF.826
Jupiter Fund of Investment Trusts EQJYY0.00012.SF.826
Jupiter Global Emerging Markets Fund EQJYY0.00013.SF.826
Jupiter Global Equity Income Fund EQJYY0.00014.SF.826
Jupiter Global Managed Fund EQJYY0.00015.SF.826
Jupiter Growth & Income Fund EQJYY0.00016.SF.826
Jupiter High Income Fund EQJYY0.00017.SF.826
Jupiter Income Trust EQJYY0.00018.SF.826
Jupiter India Fund EQJYY0.00019.SF.826
Jupiter International Financials Fund EQJYY0.00020.SF.826
Jupiter Japan Income Fund EQJYY0.00021.SF.826
Jupiter Merlin Balanced Portfolio EQJYY0.00022.SF.826
Jupiter Merlin Conservative Portfolio EQJYY0.00023.SF.826
Jupiter Merlin Growth Portfolio EQJYY0.00024.SF.826
Jupiter Merlin Income Portfolio EQJYY0.00025.SF.826
Jupiter Merlin Worldwide Portfolio EQJYY0.00026.SF.826
Jupiter Monthly Income Fund EQJYY0.00027.SF.826
Jupiter North American Income Fund EQJYY0.00028.SF.826
Jupiter Responsible Income Fund EQJYY0.00029.SF.826
Jupiter Strategic Bond Fund EQJYY0.00030.SF.826
Jupiter Strategic Reserve Fund EQJYY0.00031.SF.826
Jupiter UK Alpha Fund EQJYY0.00032.SF.826
Jupiter UK Growth Fund EQJYY0.00033.SF.826
Jupiter UK Small & Midcap Companies Fund EQJYY0.00038.SF.826
Jupiter UK Smaller Companies Fund EQJYY0.00034.SF.826
Jupiter UK Special Situations Fund EQJYY0.00035.SF.826
SICAV Range - The umbrella has a GIIN which is used for all sub funds  
The Jupiter Global Fund SICAV I83U14.99999.SL.442
Jupiter Merlin Funds SICAV Q2YTC1.99999.SL.442
Jupiter South Asia Investment Company 2DUZTI.99999.SL.480
Investment Trust Companies  
Jupiter Dividend & Growth Trust PLC 5WYT1A.99999.SL.826
Jupiter European Opportunities Trust PLC G0YWMG.99999.SL.826
Jupiter Green Investment Trust PLC YIUUUQ.99999.SL.826
Jupiter UK Growth Investment Trust PLC UIJ4NH.99999.SL.826
Jupiter US Smaller Companies PLC JVSYLV.99999.SL.826

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